Unspoken etiquette of dog owners. 5 rules

These rules are not spelled out anywhere, but almost every dog ​​owner knows and observes them. Otherwise, you will not find friends for your pet and your company on walks. DogRook pets have figured out the rules of dog etiquette.

Rule # 1. Clean up after your dog

In the modern world, there are many devices for cleaning dog waste, including poop bags with different smells, special bucket shovels and even biodegradable poop bags! But cleaning a dog is not only about "toilet" affairs. Did the dog dig a deep hole? Broke the fence? The owner's concern is to restore the old order and fix everything.

Rule # 2. Do not feed or pet someone else's dog without asking

Offering a treat to someone else's pet is basically a bad idea: for safety reasons, dogs are usually trained to refuse gifts from strangers. Also, the dog may be on a diet or suffer from allergies.

And if you want to pet a dog, just ask the owner for permission.

Rule # 3. Do not make comments to dog owners

Here is the same as with children. Everyone brings up in different ways. Don't like the behavior of another dog? Make sure you don't overlap with her anymore.

Rule # 4. Follow the schedule

The walking area is usually "booked" by different groups of dog owners who walk their dogs on a schedule. At one time - small breed dogs play there, an hour later - larger ones. An hour later, there are dogs who cannot find a common language with anyone. This is done in order to maintain the fragile peace between all the "castes" of dog lovers.

If you are a beginner, find out who arrives at what time to avoid conflicts.

Rule # 5. Politeness and discretion

Does your dog want to meet a new friend? Before letting go of your pet, distraught with happiness, ask the owner of the other dog for permission and ask if she is showing aggression towards her relatives. After - let on a leash. And only when you are convinced that your pet does not run away to the neighboring area, because it wants to, or does not injure a new companion, you can let him off the leash.

An exhausted dog is a good dog. Providing your dog with significant exercise, appropriate for its size, age, and breed, is the best way to ensure its behavior. An adequately exercised dog will appear calmer, make less noise, and be less reactive to other dogs. Always give your dog ample exercise before taking it to a public place or to your friend's or parents' place.

Take care of yourself and your pets!

With love for your dogs

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