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To all our friends and customers:
A beginning and an end

In 1999 I left advertising and opened a beautiful place on a beautiful street
where (I promised) something beautiful would be made every day.
I was thinking about food and cooking then, of which we did quite a lot.
But at the end of the day, what I think now is what was really beautiful about it
was all of you.
All of you who made us feel welcome, who praised us when praise was due and
who kindly made suggestions when we were in need of suggestion.
All who embraced our classes and parties and invited us into your homes and let
us be part of your celebrations and your children’s celebrations and your life’s
Words can never equal what pleasure I got from it, how much I learned,
how I grew.
How I felt part of it.
And while 15 years passed like the blink of an eye, 15 years have indeed passed
and it is time I pursue new goals and launch another life.
The next 15 years of Jerry’s and Corner Cooks belong to someone new.
Someone who believes in and loves what we have made here.
Who wants to continue on and make it even better.
With a strong creative and business background.
Who will make changes where they are needed and preserve the
essence of what came before.
Someone you will like very much.
Steve Leviton.
So before I hand over my well worn set of keys and bid my wonderful staff
 Before I surrender my A-lot parking pass, I glance around this beautiful
place, on this beautiful street, and tip my hat to all who work here, dine here,
and who made my life so full.
I know Jerry’s and Corner Cooks will go on to do great things.
My thanks, my heartfelt appreciation.
 p.s. You can reach Steve at 847 441 0134. Lunch and dinner are being served, as ever.